Top 9 Best Gas Stove in India 2021

In the present context, Gas Stove is one of the basic needs of the every kitchen and of people due to of its features like Time Saving, easy, etc over Traditional Stove. It is essence of each and every kitchen. Nowadays, there are several Gas stoves available in the market and on ecommerce site (Like Amazon, Flipkart) of several brands and still there are no any perfect brands which can be established as Best Gas Stove Brand in India.

Choosing the Best gas stove in India is not an easy task. So, Our Group has done lots of research on the gas stoves available in India in 2020 and here we have prepared list of some best Gas stove available in Amazon with features and Specifications along with their pros and cons.

While purchasing a gas stove, First of all you should make up mind about How many number of  burners do you required?  . Of Course, it depends upon your family size and your life style.

In Indian Market, There are mainly four types of Gas Stoves. They Are:

  1. One Burner Gas Stoves : Best for an Individual
  2. Two Burner Gas Stoves : Best for a couple
  3. Three Burner Gas Stoves : Best for an Small Family
  4. Four Burner Gas Stoves : Best for Joint Family

       Not only that but also there are many more factor that we should consider while choosing the best gas stoves. Without wasting your time, I would like to show you some of our top best gas stoves for you.

Top 9 Best Gas Stoves in India 2020 With Review

Prestige : Best 4 burner gas stove india

If you are searching for Best Gas Stove in India, There is no any best option other than the Prestige marvel glass stove. This model is one of the best modern gas stoves available in the market at a relatively low price comparing to other of the same quality gas stove. So, It resides at top of our best gas stove in India list.

Prestige brand itself is one of the famous brands in Electronics due to its Quality Product with Durability and It has given some of the best home appliances that we use in our daily life. This Gas Stove has Premium looks with elegant design and is built with strong glass (i.e Unbreakable). The premium looks of this four-burner stove add beauty to your kitchen.

Prestige marvel glass four-burner gas stove is an amazing creation of Prestige brand having lots of features. This Gas Stove comes in a bold black color. Its Surface is glossy finished so it is easy to clean. The Knots performance is awesome as users can effortlessly use it efficiently. More importantly, it has mutual ignition.



Elica Vetro : Best Gas Stove Brand India

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove is listed second on our list of the best gas stove in India because of its enormous features and premium looks.

Elica is an Italian Brand. Elica has first introduced in the year 1970 AD and within a half-century, it was successful to be established as one of the best brands in home appliances categories i.e Gas Stoves, Chimneys, and other kitchen equipment.

This product is on our top list of best gas stoves because of its sleek black outlook and minimum deterioration features over a long period of time. As per the report, Customer using Elica gas stoves never ever replace this brand with others.  This product has several good features compared to others. It can be used for both small family and large one.

As mentioned in the title itself, it has 3 brass burners with a mutual ignition method. All the burners distribute the frame uniformly and Burners are compatible with all sizes of kitchen utensils. Not only that but also it has an awesome design that gives premium looks and having this stove add beauty to your kitchen.



Pigeon by Stovekraft Blaze Blackline Glass 4-burner Best Gas Cooktop

In the present context, Stovekraft is one of the best and largest gas stove manufacturing companies in India and when we are thinking about the best gas stove, We shouldn’t forget about “Pigeon by Stovekraft”. Pigeon is a relatively new brand in the gas stove market but it was successful to achieve good fame in a very short period due to if its quality and reasonable pricing. So, It reside at number 3 on our list of the best gas stove in India.

Particularly talking about this product, it is priced within a normal people’s budget. i.e. It offers four-burner gas stoves at a cheap price. The distance between each burner is of nominal size and at a time we can place 4 medium-sized utensils. Like others, the Burner of this gas stove is also made up of Brass which enhances the durability and workability of the gas stove. Uniformity in the flare to hasten the cooking process can be achieved in this gas stove.

The body of this gas stove is made up of stainless steel that makes it Rust resistant. Apart from that as per the review of several customers, we came to know that there is no issue with knobs and any other particular. It is easy to clean. Black colored heat resistant Glass was placed on the top above the stainless steel layer which can resist heat and weight.



2 Burner- GAs Stove Indian

 Eveready gas stove is famous for its Durability comparing to other gas stoves. It is featured with a toughened glass top that helps to resist the gas stoves from heat and temperature making it possible to delivers more lifespan to gas stoves.  From the Stylish Look to Premium glass top, it ensures User safety, easy-to-clean and perfect-in-size features.

As like the Above Gas Stoves, The knobs of this stove are also ergonomically designed so as to facilitate user ensuring their safety and comfortably. One of the unforgettable features of this gas stove is 360-degree swivel type gas inlet that solves the problem regarding position of cylinder.

It is also Spill-Proof designed which makes user easy for cleaning and maintenance. Apart from this, It is provided with High-temperature resistant pan and it helps to increase durability of the gas stoves. Even after not having ISI Certification, it comes with Two Year Warranty.

In a nutshell, It is one of the best economical gas stove with pricing less than 2.5k and is best for average most indian every family.



4 Burner Gas Stove in affordable PriceGlen is also one of the best gas stove brand in India.  This Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove is one of the perfect combo of awesome quality and low budget product. Best Quality product in low budget helps it to gain the fame in Top 10 gas stove in Indian market. This model is indicated of having top notching quality by ISI and so, it is certified by ISI.

As like others, All 4 burner of this stove are made up of Brass that makes it efficient and ensures high durability. It is also considered as one of the best gas stove because of its nominal price. Apart from that it can customize itself to make it compatible with PNG gas. The flame of this burner is very good and it have strong pan.

In a nutshell, it is best gas stove for you if you are looking for affordable stove with 4 burner. Four burner of this stove will facilitate you to cook variety of meals at a time and save your time. This gas stove too has 10 days returnable policy i.e. you can replace it, if you don’t like it. But I hope, It is not necessary to return it because most of the customer were happy with the product in that price as per customer review.



Best 2 burner gas stove in affordable priceFrom Past half-decade, Sunflame is one of the best brands for home and kitchen appliances. Several household products are being manufactured by Sunflame. Some of them are Gas Stoves, Chimneys, Cookers, e.t.c.  

 As like above Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove, It is also one of the best affordable 2 burner gas stoves in India. It is famous for its high flame Capacity i.e. It can produce an adequate amount of flame to cook meals faster which will ultimately save the cooking time of the user. It is 2 burner gas stove, it is best for an individual, a couple, and a small family. Like others, the burner of this stove is also made up of Brass which makes it more reliable. 

Apart from that this LPG gas stove consumes a relatively low amount of gas. It also features unique pan support which is euro-coated. It is also provided with toughened glass that makes this stove safe from high heat and temperature. Knobs are also very good as it can be easily rotated to control flame as per requirement and availability of toughened glass at the top makes it easy to clean.

In a nutshell, it is the best choice for a small family with a low budget for gas stoves. It comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warran



Preethi 3 Burner gas Stove is one of the elegant looking stylish gas stove with all premium features. More importantly, the Glass top of this stove is India’s only ISI certified glass top.

The efficiency of this gas stove is 69% + which is very good in the case of Gas Stove. After Prestige, This is only the brand that offers tri-pin heavy brass burner gas stoves. Like others, Knobs of this gas stove is also ergonomically designed which helps the user to control frame comfortably.

Apart from that, it is Spill-proof Designed, which makes it easy for cleaning and maintenance. It is also provided with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Like Above 2 gas stoves, This gas stove also lacks auto-ignition mode.

To Sum Up, it is one of the best gas stove having elegant and premium looks having all premium features other than Auto-ignition mode. All Burner is in standard spacing that makes easy to cook in 2 large utensils at a time.




 Butterfly - best 2 burner gas stove in budgetButterfly is also one of the famous best gas stove brands in India and other household utilities. This model of butterfly makes people believe that even at a low price, we can buy the best quality/brand gas stove in India.

This Gas stove comes with 2 strong brass burners. It consumes less amount of fuel that lowers the operational cost too. Like others, It is also provided with toughened glass that makes it high thermal Steel plate is provided at the base which will prevent food from slipping off to the base surface.

Apart from that, It is also provided with a 360 Degree revolving nozzle that prevents problems regarding the direction of the cylinder. The knobs are also of excellent quality and flexible. The gas burner is provided support with cast iron that helps perfect alignment of small and large utensils.

In a nutshell, It is one of the best gas stove in India with 2 brass burners and steel plates at the base. One year of warranty is provided to the user and One drawback of this stove is it doesn’t have auto-ignition mode.



Lifeong- Best 3 Burener Gas stove in India

Lifelong 3 Burner gas stove is one of the best among the best gas stoves in India. From Being Budget friendly to having Elegant Design makes it best among the gas stoves. The toughened glass top of this gas stove is comparatively more than other i.e. it has a thickness of 6 mm which is higher than any other stove.

It is provided with 2 large brass burners and one medium brass burner which meets the requirement of every medium Indian family. The knobs are also ergonomically designed so as to control the flame and are made up of nylon that makes Knobs strong.

Apart from that, it is also provided with the Steel plate at the base so as to prevent slipping of food to the kitchen countertop. It is also shatter proofed by the manufacturer and as per Manufacturer, it is ISI certified. It also features Anti-skid design that prevents slipping of utensils while cooking. Unique Cast Iron PAN support is provided.

In a Nutshell, This is one of the best gas stoves of 3 burner category available in India. It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty. It supports the manual mode of ignition.



Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India

When choosing the best 2 burner gas stove in India, you need to consider your cooking requirements, cooking style, and budget.

  • Built-In Material: Most stoves available today are made of aluminum or stainless steel, with some models coming in granite ranges. These days, several manufacturers have come out with stoves that have granite countertops. The stoves are constructed with fluted fronts which can be sloped to give more space. If you have a spacious kitchen, this type of stove will be the best choice.
  • Cooking Style: Today, Gas stoves got a lot of competition, especially in microwaves and grills. You should choose the best 2 burner gas stove in India based on your own cooking style and requirements. If you love to cook steaks, you may like the double combo or twin burner model stoves. If you are fond of grilling, you may choose from the various grills like a tall chimney, flat chimney, ventless gas stoves, and vented gas stoves.
  • Size: Another parameter you should consider while purchasing a top gas stove in India is the size. The size of the stove determines the space available in your kitchen. It will help you to cook efficiently, and it will also help you in saving energy. There are three types of stoves available in the market – the single burner, double burner, and the pan supporting one or more burners. If you have limited space in your kitchen, then go for the 2 burner gas stove.
  • Number of Knobs: The next parameter that you should consider while buying a gas stove is the variety of knob that comes along with it. More number of knobs provide better control over the flame and the temperature of the cooking. It is because more number of knobs will increase the effectiveness of the flame. The hardened glass top is another parameter that you should look for while choosing a gas stove. A gas stove with a toughened glass top is highly recommended by many as it helps you remove the grease easily.
  • Price: The price is another factor that you should consider before buying a gas stove in India. It is because the cost of the product depends upon its make and model. A single burner stainless steel stove will be less expensive than a double or even a triple burner stainless steel gas stove. Therefore, always go for a small family gas stove if your kitchen is small.

Considering all the above factors, we can conclude that, Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove is the best 2 burner gas stove in India. It lies on 6th number on our list of Best Gas Stove in India.

Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India

Several people are asking, what is the best 3 burner gas stove in India, as there are many of them available in the market. In this modern era, where home appliances play a vital role in making our lives easier and simpler, gas stoves have gained popularity in the market. The stoves are very efficient in cooking, and one needs to put the food on the surface, and off you go in preparing your meal.

It has been noticed that the stoves, which are made of cast iron with cast-iron burner and granite countertops, are not very good in the sense that they give out less heat and do not retain the heat long enough. On the other hand, the gas stoves, which have good insulation and are made of stainless steel, enameled steel, cast iron, and granite, are the best in their abilities to cook and retain the heat. One can opt for several models and choose the one according to their budgets. Different models are available according to the quality, like the best low temperature, mid-range, high temperature, and medium temperature burners.

The gas stove with an auto-ignition or self-ignition oven is also available as a separate product. The auto-ignition oven is a great choice as it gives complete control over the cooking process itself. It is an important addition to any household, as it can cook food quickly and precisely.

If you wish to buy these stoves, you will come across many branded and reputed companies in the market. Some of the names you may come across while shopping for the top gas stoves in India include LPG, Samsung, Serta, Haldiram, Toast, Hindustan Shipyard, and Sycom. Most branded companies provide good and reliable after-sales service and free home delivery to their Indian customers.

When you opt for the gas top stove in India, you will also have to check out the kitchen’s overall ambiance. Choose a model with a classy and sleek metal body, especially if made from brass or copper. It will complement the overall ambiance of your kitchen. The steel body’s polished finish will match perfectly with the painted wooden flooring and other wooden furniture in the kitchen.

The best 3 burner gas stove in India should also come with safety key features. Ensure that your family is safe when using this kitchen appliance, ensure that the knob is equipped with extreme heat and that even tiny children can’t reach it. If the knob is easily accessible, the device might not be as safe as it should be. There should also be plenty of ventilation holes in the device as well as plenty of fire-resistant material. You can always find these products at Indian online shops that deal with household appliances.

To Sum Up, Considering all the above factors, we can conclude that Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove is the best 3 burner gas stove in India. It lies on 2nd number on our list of Best Gas Stove in India.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India

Gas stoves and burners have a special appeal among the Indian people as they love to use them, especially when cooking delicious recipes. You can buy a wide variety of burners made of different materials from various brands available at the local store or online. There are several types of burners available in the market. Some of them are Sunflame pearl, brass, iron, enamel, cast iron, etc. They all are used for cooking; however, there are some features of each and every one of them that differentiate them from each other.

Sunflame Pearl – This type of stove is designed for the perfect combination of light and heat. It comes with an electric ignition system, which is easy to operate and provides an excellent cooking experience. The adjustable knob on the front allows you to control the temperature of the flame easily. It has a drip-free hearth for easy cleanup and has an ash collector. It can be easily maintained by periodically cleaning the front surface with a soft cloth.

Iron – It is a durable material, which offers a high-quality cooking surface as well as flexibility. It has the ability to cook different foods very quickly compared to some of the other options available. You can choose from several sizes, which include: small, medium, large, and extra-large. A specially designed griddle is attached to the stove that helps you cook the whole meal or soup at a low temperature.

Brass – It is extremely durable and offers a high-quality cooking surface as well as long-lasting durability. However, it needs regular cleaning and is highly reliable as well. The gas stoves and burners with brass handles can be used even under extreme conditions to withstand shocks and vibrations. Moreover, they are completely safe and can be used for outdoor purposes as well.

Black Glass Top-It is the best choice for all those people who want to enjoy a traditional look in their kitchen. The gas stoves and burners with black glass top offer a classy touch to your kitchen and offer a unique design. They are easily maintainable and do not show any wear and tear after use. They are available in different sizes and colors and are highly functional. You can choose from various models, including single burner, double burner, triple burner, and four-burner.

It is better to purchase the best gas stove from an authentic online store. Before buying, you should check out the product features and the prices. After purchasing, you should check out the authenticity and the genuineness of the store. With so much competition going on in the market today, you need to make the right choice. So, go ahead and buy a good durable, and best gas stove for your kitchen now!

To Sum Up, Considering all the above factors, we can conclude that Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is the best 4 burner gas stove in India. It lies on the first number and top of our list of Best Gas Stove in India.

Which Gas Stove Is Best In India?

Many people will say that they are the best in their respective fields, and it is because they have used the best gas stove that they are so good at what they do. They are often not very clear as to why they are the best and how they became so effective. This has been an ongoing debate that can be traced back to when the British ruled the country. However, we are all aware that several new things have been innovated to better the lives of the people in today’s times. This has led to the emergence of different types of stoves and gas appliances in the market.

If you want to know which gas stove is best in India, it would be worth your while finding out all about them. This would help you choose the stove which suits your requirement the best. In India, the stove which burns wood or which burns gas is called the wood-burning stove. The other type of stove, gas-fired, is also called gas hydrate stoves or gas grill or gas stove.

Now, let us see what makes a gas stove the best in India. One of the main advantages of the best gas stoves over the rest of the world is environment-friendly. It has been found that the gas stoves are very efficient in terms of the amount of heat that they produce, in comparison with other stoves which produce a lot of amount of heat but are harmful to the atmosphere.

There is no better way of cooking than using this method because you can control the heat and the rate of burning of the gas in the stove. Similarly, when it comes to controlling the amount of light produced by the stove, it has its own set of settings that you can adjust according to your requirements.

It would be best if you always bought from a renowned company as there are many cheap products available in the market which might not be very efficient. Moreover, the companies that manufacture and sell the stove also customize it with your requirements and help you find the best gas stove in India. They will also guide you on maintaining your stove so that it does not face any problem shortly. All the branded gas stoves will offer a guarantee on their products. So it would be best if you always went for an experienced company that has earned its name in the industry of gas stoves.

Which Gas Stove is Best Glass Top or Stainless Steel?

One of the biggest questions people have when purchasing new kitchen appliances is, “Which gas stove is best for cooking?”. When it comes to buying a new gas stove, it can be easy to know which one is best since many different makes and models are available on today’s market. You need to understand what it is that you need and what features are most important to you. Although they are all going to be different, there are a few things that each type of stove does in a few ways.

First of all, gas stoves use gas burners, which are available in two basic styles. Some have controls at the front of the stove that allows you to adjust the amount of heat the flame produces and adjust the size of the burners themselves. Then there is the more traditional control style where the flame comes from the side of the burner. These are the two basic styles of available burners, and both have their pros and cons.

When looking at the glass top or stainless steel gas stove, you will notice that there is not a great deal of flexibility with these kinds of burners. If you have a room where you plan to cook, you may find that the glass top type doesn’t work well. You can adjust the heat and the burners’ size, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as one with a lever. Since the burners are movable, you will also have to be careful around them, and if you do drop them, you will likely damage them. These tend to be the stoves that do not perform well in an outdoor environment.

A stainless steel gas stove is very sturdy and durable and is the most popular type of stove. The heat they put out is very consistent, which is important when cooking, making this stove a good choice for cooks who like to get the most heat possible out of every cooking session. It heats up quickly and puts out a lot of heat. Since the flames come from a side of the stove, they may not always look the best when cooking, but this is a small drawback. The flame can be adjusted for color and any other function that you may want it to do.

You will find that gas stoves that have the option of a glass window really are the most versatile. You can use your gas stove as a kind of bbq grill in your kitchen with its attached glass window. This allows you to cook meals right on the window sill. This is another benefit to these types of gas burners. The ease of use is a major selling point for these kinds of stoves.

Buyer's Guide- How to choose the Best Gas Stove in India?

Gas stoves and cookers have become very popular over the past few years. With the advent of better quality fuels, gas stoves are not just cheaper, but they also produce better and more flavorful cookery. The best gas stove brands in India can help you select the perfect gas stove for your kitchen. While buying a gas stove, make sure you go through some basic guidelines to help you choose the right one. The following tips will guide you through the process.

If you plan to buy a branded product, check whether it has a two-year warranty or not. This is because if the stove breaks down in the second year, you can ask the company to repair your gas stove without paying a single rupee. However, it is advisable to buy the best-branded products as they are more efficient and long cooking time. With this, you can be assured that you will get the best cooking experience.

The next step you need to consider before buying a gas stove in India is to check on the product’s usability. It is essential because you do not want to purchase an item that will give you problems in the initial stage of use. In fact, a good quality Indian product usually has a user-friendliness factor of its own. This means that it is designed so that it will be easy for you to use the item in your daily life.

The final consideration is that you should consider the price. Nowadays, gas stoves are available at various prices. Therefore, it is necessary to know what you are willing to spend to make the best choice. For this purpose, it would be better to visit different stores and compare the prices before making the decision. You can even go to these companies’ websites and see for yourself what they offer so that you can be guided properly.

There is one more thing you need to know about the best gas stoves in India, and this is durability. You should always choose those products made of durable materials because you do not want to buy a product that will break after being used for only six months. Indeed, you would like to invest your money in products that will last for many years. Therefore, you should focus on brands such as Sanyo, Yi winter, and KEF. These three companies have proven their products to be durable and stylish, so you will be safe investing your money in them.

Therefore, when you want to buy a new gas stove in India, you should know these two things. The first thing you should consider is the design of the stove. This means that you should look at the aesthetic value of the product to be safe with buying it. The second thing is the material of the product. This means that you must look at the different materials of these stoves to ensure that you will be investing your money in high-quality stainless steel or something else that will make your home look beautiful and elegant.