Best Smart TV in India 2021

Our Top Pick

best smart tv in india

Samsung 49 Inches Smart TV

No. 1 Smart Tv in India
(Bit Expensive)

best smart tv in 32 inch

MI TV 32 Inches Smart TV

Budget Friendly with Best Features

best smart tv in india 2019

Sony Bravia 55 Inches Smart TV

Best 4k Smart Tv but Expensive

Which is Best Smart Tv in India?

Choosing a SMART TV is always a little bit risk task. Choosing one Smart TV among hundreds of matching with your usage statistics is obviously a problem but fret not.

We are here with this article listing the best 9 smart TV available in Indian market for 2020.We have enlisted these Smart TV by extensive market research and in-depth, testing to provide you with the best from the rest.

Why Smart Tv ?

A Smart TV have ability to connect to the internet through  Wi-Fi which is inbuilt in it during manufacturing itself . It has all the features of any conventional TV. In addition to this, Most of the smart tv is provided with Certain Video Engine Such As Netflix, Youtube and even browser.

Smart TV is available in the several Dimensions(Sizes) and Shape. Based on your requirements and features of Smart TV, Price may vary from Ten thousands to Lakhs.

Best 9 Smart TV With Their Specifications

Based on our Continuous Research, We are here presenting you the Samsung 49 Inch UA49N5300AR as top best smart TV in India till now.(April 9th 2020).


  • Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080p) 
  • Display: HDR 
  • Sound output: 40 Watts Output | Dolby Digital Plus
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz



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It is one of the second best smart TV in India. There are several smart Television in the market, but this is the only smart tv with the voice assistant. i.e. It can be turned on and off using your voice. 

It is launched in 2019 and is popularly known as Sony 2019 model. It is expensive, but this TV has proved that it is worth the cost price. It features an OLED panel that gives you deep black and best colour intensity. Famous Broadcasting Company’s Netflix is also embedded in this Sony television. 

This Television features 4k quality and supports all hdr format, including Dolby visions. It has several Smart Features like Google Play Store, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, e.t.c. It has a TRILUMINOS Display that adds beauty to it and looks premium in your Room.

In a nutshell, This TV can be proved as best for you if you have got a sufficient budget. Besides, One year of Warranty is provided to the Customer from the date of purchase.


  1. In-Built Wi-FiBest HD 4k Quality
  2. Make you feel like you’re in the home theatre.
  3. Dolby Vision
  4. Google Play Store
  5. Voice Assistant


  1. Only 1 Year of Warranty for Such Expensive TV
  2. Not Budget Friendly (Not Suitable if you’re low in Budget)

This smart tv is third best smart tv in our list and first best smart tv in Budget.

MI Television is famous for its Quality product within Budget. Even after having a low price, it hasn’t diminished the product quality and rather than that it has some excellent features like HD Ready Android TV with Refresh Rate of 60 Hz, Blu Ray Players, Gaming Consoles, 3 HDMI Ports and also two more port for USB are available.

The Stereo speakers deliver DTS-HD Sound of the best quality that makes you feel pleasant good. Android Patch wall is another one of the best features available in this smart TV. LED panel is embedded with a Vivid Picture engine.

To Sum Up, It is the cheap and best smart TV in India. One year of Warranty is given from the date of purchase.

i. Android TV
ii. Budget-Friendly
iii. Awesome Video and Sound Quality
iv. Features Chromecast
v. Google Voice Search
i. One Year of Warranty
ii. Popular Streaming Apps are not available (preinstalled) like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, e.t.c. but can be installed.

This smart TV is the fourth best smart TV in India. LG is one of the most elegant Brands in India, and it has given several electronics products until now.

It features 4k Ultra HD resolution with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Not only that but also it has an active display of 4k HDR. Like others, it also has in-built Wi-Fi. It is provided with 3 HDMI ports to connect to set up Box. Blu ray players are embedded in it, and Gaming Console makes it more comfortable for Gamers. 

In a nutshell, It is one of the excellent smart TV in India, and it is provided with one year of Warranty.


  1. 4k HDR Quality Display
  2. Bluetooth Headset Can Be Connected.
  3. Amazing Remote Controller is Provided. 
  4. Netflix, Amazon Prime, e.t.c. are pre-loaded.


  1. One Year of Warranty
  2. Set-Up Box is required.

It is the fifth best smart TV in India. Kodak is also a Budget-friendly smart TV. The essential features that make it best are its User Interface. i.e. The remote control of this Television allows user to have access over every element in a simple way.

It features Miracast technology that can help you to share your mobile screen with TV and such how mobile can be used as a remote control. Another one impressive feature of this tv is it can be used as a computer by connecting input devices like mouse and Keyboard.

To Sum Up, It is one of the good Smart TV in India at a relatively low-cost price. It is provided with one year of Warranty.


  1. 3 HDMI Ports and 2 USB ports 
  2. It is Android-based smart tv.
  3. Netflix, Youtube and Hotstar are supported.
  4. Can be Used as Computer and Mouse and Keyboard can be connected.
  5. Compatible with Mobile Hotspot
  6. One Year of Warranty


  1. It doesn’t Support Bluetooth.
which best smart tv

It is the sixth best smart tv in India. As already discussed, Sony is one of the best smart tv brands in India. 

This Television features Full HD 1980 * 1080 Display. As like others, It features In-built WI-FI. It has a Best bass reflex speaker that makes it sound heard clearly and adequately.

Google Play Services is available in this TV that allows you to download multiple Applications and games.4 HDMI Ports and 3 USB ports are available in this Television.

In a nutshell, it is the best 43-inch android smart TV in India. One Year of Warranty is provided to the Customer from the Date of Purchase.


  1. Google Play Services is Available.
  2. Full HD Display(1080P)
  3. Features Bass Reflex Speaker
  4. 4 HDMI and 3 USB Ports
  5. One Year of Warranty


  1. Not Suitable for high load Game

Sanyo 43 inch Kaizen Series Smart Certified 4K Ultra HD Android IPS LED TV is seventh best tv in India. 

This Smart Tv is certified by Google, and the Android Operation system is used. Android Pie 9.0 is pre-loaded in it. Google Assistant is also available to assist you.

It features IPS panel TV which will make your feel completely different and impressive than any other panel LED. Besides, Chromecast is available that allows you to connect your smartphone with this Television. Dolby sound system is available that makes the sound Quality extremely beautiful, loud and clear.

To Sum Up, You will never regret if you buy this Smart TV. One Year of Warranty is provided from the Date of Purchase.


  1. Ultra-High 4K definition
  2. Features Dolby Digital and DTS Tru Sound System
  3. Several Apps are available, and some of them are pre-loaded


  1. Bit Expensive
  2. Only One Year of Warranty

Mi LED Smart TV 4X Pro is the eighth best smart tv in india and one of the best Budget smart tv in this list. 

It features Great UHD 4k Display that makes it look premium and have excellent Picture quality. It has Android Operating System(OS).

It is powered by an Amlogic 64 bit Quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of Storage.

Google play store is also available that allow the user to download available apps. 3 HDMI Ports and 2 USB ports are available along with AV connectors.

To Sum Up, It is the best MI Smart TV n budget with Bluetooth features. One Year of Warranty is provided to Customers.


  1. Bluetooth Connectivity
  2. UHD 4k Display
  3. Android Operating System
  4. Dual Speaker with 20W RMS output
  5. One Year of Warranty


  1. Average Sound Quality

LG 43-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV is the ninth-best smart tv in India.

It Features UHD Resolution. It supports Videos up to 4k. IPS 4k display makes this Smart tv looks premium. 3 HDMI ports to connect Set-Up Box, gaming console and Blu ray Players are the essential features that are owed by this Television. Besides, 2 USB ports are also provided.

WebOS is the Operating System of this Television and is famous because of its user-friendly OS for the newbie. It also features In-built speakers. It can be connected to Mobile phones and can project your mobile screen. 

To Sum Up, It is the cheap and best LG Smart TV with 4k UHD Resolution in India. It comes with One year of Warranty. Google Assistant and Alexa are the most remarkable properties of this Television.


  1. 3 HDMI & 1 USB Port
  2. WebOS Operating System
  3. 4k UHD Resolution
  4. Google Assistant and Alexa
  5. One Year of Warranty


  1. It doesn’t have premium looks.

It is the tenth, and last best smart tv in India included in Our List. It is also the Cheapest smart tv that we have in this list.

Being available at the lower-Price, it has compromised on its resolution. The optimum resolution is 1366*768. 2 HDMI ports are available for SetUp Box, Gaming Consoles and Streaming Devices. It also features 2 USB Port.

It also has Bluetooth. It is Android Operated smart TV with most of the app services available like Google Play Store, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It is embedded with IPS Panel system. Chromecast is in-built on it, and that makes it possible to stay on the best smart TVs list.

To Sum Up, It is one of the cheapest smart televisions in our list. It is also provided with One year of Warranty.


  1. Budget-Friendly
  2. 2 USB Port & 2 HDMI Port
  3. Google Play Services, Netflix, Hotstar
  4. IPS Panel System
  5. Bluetooth
  6. One Year of Warranty


  1.  Picture Quality is not Good.

Best Smart TV Brand in India

1. Sony

Sony is one of the Japanese electronics based company and is established during World War II. 

Type-G Tape recorder is the first innovation of the Sony Company. With the evolution of science and technology, Sony company started manufacturing of several electronics products like Mobile Phones, Television, Tape Recorder, e.t.c.  

Sony has launched the first-ever TV called TV8-301 in May 1960. Price of the Sony is moderate, i.e. neither more nor less.

2. Samsung

Samsung is one of the famous brands in the world. More importantly, Mobile phone of this Brand is most sold and one of the branded mobile phone in India.

Samsung is also one of the best Brand of electronics which launched several electronics item like Samsung PC, DVD Player, Television, Mobile Phone (Android OS).Samsung had released their best smart tv in 2008 AD named PAVV Bordeaux TV 750.

After that, they have launched several Smart TV with excellent quality and impressive features.

2. LG

LG is a South Korean Multinational Company and was founded in 1958 AD. LG Electronics is the second-largest LCD television Manufacturer. Some of its popular products are Mobile Phones, Smart Watches, Home appliances like Washing machines.

LG introduced the first-ever internet TV in 2008. It launched OLED TV in 2013. Being an international Brand and excellent quality product, it is also a little expensive than that of MI Smart TV.

Buyer's Guide To Buy Best Smart TV In India

Thousands of people are surfing the Internet daily for the review of the products which they want to buy. It is always good to know about Television and other products from several aspects to decide whether it is good or bad for them.

So, here we present some factors that you should consider before buying your dream smart TV in India. Some such factors to be considered while choosing the best smart TV are enlisted and explained below:

1. Price

No matter whether you are rich or POOR, the first thing every Indian considered before buying any products is Budget(Price). People used to think that always expensive smart tv has lots of features, unlike the cheaper ones. But, It is not valid.

Some of the MI brand and other brands Smart TVs have proven that even in the less Price we can get the best smart tv with more features than that of expensive TV.

In Case of Price:
MI & Kodak Brand’s smart TV is found on cheap Price than that of Sony and Samsung with almost the same features.

2. Brand

Some People always focus on the Brand of the product. Many more believe that famous brand product is still far better than others. But, we have found that even a small brand product has some unique features than that of branded one in case of Smart TV.

We have enlisted Brand as one of the factors of consideration because Customer Service, availability of Service Center, Delivery Time, e.t.c is always better of good Brand.

Such available services sometimes make the Price of the Television much more high than worth. So, We should always consider brands with more services and less Price. i.e. MI Smart TV here is Our top pick.

3. Sizes

Another important thing that we should think of, before buying the best smart tv is Size of the smart tv. Not only Smart TV but also While buying Normal/Traditional smart tv, we should pre-plan the Size of Smart TV.

Size of the Smart is one of the essential factors as it can affect other factors, i.e. Price. Almost Every Smart TV with Large Sizes cost more than that of small sizes. Keeping available Budget in mind, we should always go for large size television.

4. Display Resolution

In the Indian market, There are hundreds of smart TVs of several brands. All Television doesn’t have the same display resolution.

Most of the people mistakenly take Display resolution as Sizes. Display Resolution doesn’t have anything to do with the Sizes of the TV. UHD 4k Television can be used to watch even 360Pixel video if it is available in Supported format.

E.g., My Smart TV is of 21 inches and can play 4k video on it. But, My Uncle’s smart TV of 49 inches is not capable of streaming 4k Videos.

Clarity represents a higher resolution. So, while choosing the best smart tv in India, We should always accept it which features Higher Resolution. 

5. Display Panel

It is the technical term. Most of the people are not aware of what display panel is. But all the Brand either it is small or big, They all focus on Good Quality Panel because it is significant for any television for screening clear and perfectly coloured picture.

Selection of Panel plays a vital role in the manufacturing cost of the company, and so do retail Price. Mainly, there are three panels. They are:

  1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  2. LED (Light-emitting Diodes)
  3. OLED (Organic Light-emitting Diodes)-Best 


Most of the TV/ Monitor available in India have LED Panel. OLED is found to be a bit expensive but the best panel system in Television and Monitor. It is very thin and can change the colour of a particular portion of TV to make it look better and clear.

Liquid crystal display has completely replaced some massive panel system TV/Monitor. But, in the short run, LED has started to overtake over it because of LED features.


It is thinner than that of LCD, and so, it is less in weight than that of LCD. Not only that but also Color intensity to the clearance, it is seen that LED is better than LCD.

LED Panel TVs are very famous in India because of its enormous clearance feature and low Price than that of an OLED panel.


OLED is one of the best panel systems in Smart TV and Monitor. It is a bit expensive but has the most beautiful looks than any other panel system till now. Only Some Brand like are using this Panel like Sony.

6. Smart TVs Operating System


Sony Brand Smart TVs usually have an Android operating system. It allows the user for multitasking. Most important features of Android TV is, it can be controlled by Android devices and display can be managed by anyone easily.

All the apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. can show the related videos analyzed by Sony itself and then by application algorithm.


  1. Easy
  2. Simple Layout
  3. Google Assistant makes it more feasible.


  1. There were many complaints on Error and Bug.


LG Tv’s use the WebOS operating system. It has wholly displaced any other OS of Smart TVs because of its more simple user interface and simplicity. It can support high resolution and Dolby sound system. 

One of the notable features of this OS is that it is compatible with all videos resolution. 


  1. Alexa and Google Assistant are available or Voice Control.
  2. Fast
  3. Convenient Navigation


  1. Only a few apps are available in this OS.

Smart Hub

Samsung best Smart TVs use it. The centre point of attraction of this OS is, there are so many small icon and Shortcuts so that Navigation is more comfortable and Recent Videos that you watched before is shown beautifully. 


  1. Easy to Use
  2. Beautiful Layout


  1. Few apps are only available.

My Home Screen 2.0

Panasonic Brand Smart Television is using it. It is regarded as one of the best five operating systems of smart TV. It allows the user to make a new folder. It is compatible with UHD 4k videos. Netflix, youtube, Hotstar, etc. can be installed.


  1. User Friendly
  2. Easy
  3. Speed


  1. Need little Knowledge. Not Easy to Newbie.

7. Connection Type

There are mainly five types of Connection Option. One is the traditional Cable Connection. Almost everybody knows about the Cable Connection. Four other Connection Types that are used to work external devices with these televisions are enlisted and explained below:

USB Port

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a famous Connection type. Nowadays, All most every Input Devices like Mouse, Keyboard, Pendrive, Card Reader, e.t.c have USB type Connecter. So, All most every Best Smart TV’s have at least one USB port.


Bluetooth is also a factor of consideration if you are searching for the best smart tv in India. On the 2000s, Bluetooth was famous for its features of File transferring between Mobile Phones.

In the present context, There are so many other better File Sharing Apps and idea. But, Still, Bluetooth is available in almost every mobile phone because of its multi-purpose task. In Smart TVs, Bluetooth is famous because it allows user to use Bluetooth/Wireless Headphone without any disturbance.

To Sum Up, Bluetooth is a vital component of Smart Television.


HDMI port is famous and is available in all Smart TVs. It allows user to Convert their Smart TV to their PCs Monitor. So, HDMI is also an unremovable Component of Smart TV.


Smart TVs name itself realize us it is more advantageous to us. Inbuilt Wi-Fi is the only most crucial factor between Traditional TVs and Smart TVs. In other words, We can say Television as Smart Television if it has In-Built Wi-Fi (Or LAN).


As I already Said, Smart TVs must have Internet. For Internet Connection to Smart TVs, there is only two possible connection type, i.e. either Wi-Fi or LAN Port or Both. Most of the Smart TVs have both Connection type. 

So, It is also vital connection types and factor of consideration to buy the best smart TV in India.