Top 8 Best Headphones in India

Buying headphones for the very first time can be very much confusing as there are a lot of options available in the market. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you can get a small help on how to buy your first ever headphone according to your demands and your budget, Right?

Well, then you have reached the perfect page. Here we will present to you the top 8 best headphones that fit your budget along with their specifications, pros, and cons as well.

People consider a number of factors while buying headphones such as their warranty period, active noise cancellation, bass, battery backup in case of Bluetooth headphones, and lastly the price. So, keeping that in mind we present you our top 8 picks on headphones.

List of Our Top 8 Best Headphones in India

Best headphones - SkullcandyThis headphone comes in three color variants black, blue and white. The material used is leather for the cushions and it henceis quite durable. The body is made of plastic but it gives you a metallic greyish look at very first sight. This is a 2015 model on-ear headphone. It gives you an impedance of32 ohms and a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

Given the information, it is actually a very light weighting 200g Bluetooth headphone with excellent battery backup. The headphone box comes with headphones, a user manual, and Micro USB to USB Charging Cable. It is trending on amazon as Amazon’s choice.


Wireess Headphone with inbuilt MIcBoAtRockerz 450headphone comes in three color variants Luscious black, Aqua blue, and Hazel beige. The headphone comes with a classic plastic body with a metal finish. It is a very light weighting 200g Bluetooth headphone with excellent battery backup which is up to 8 hours. 

The HD immersive audio comes with 40 mm premium drivers.The headphone box comes with Micro USB to USB Charging Cable, headphone, and a user manual along with a warranty card. It is a non-ear type of headphone that gives you excellent quality bass and makes your music experience more realistic.


Bluetooth Hedphones with Noise Cancellation and Premium looks


best headphones in the indiaJBL presents you with the T460BT Extra bass wireless headphone in three different color variants black, blue and white. This headphone beats its competitors in proving superb quality bass. It comes with long-lasting 11 hours of non-stop battery life. It is light, flat foldable, and comfortable as well so it is portable. It is a 2018 model and is lightweight headphones weighing just 299g.

The headphone comes with a pair of 32mm drivers that punch out some superb quality sound. The box consists of 1 pair of T460BT headphones, 1 Detachable Cable, 1 Charging Cable, Warning Card, Warranty Card, Safety sheet, and QSG.


Wired Over-Ear Headphone

Sennheiser brings out their Sennheiser HD 202 II over-ear headphones that come with dynamic hi-fi stereo. This headphone is specially designed with damping perforation that ensures the powerful bass response.

It is lightweight, comfortable, and comes with removable earcup design as well. It is a 2007 model and is super lightweight headphones weighing just 132g. The box consists of HD 202 II headphones, 1 Detachable Cable, Warning Card, Warranty Card, and Safety sheet.


Sony is one of the best headphones Brand in India

Sony presents you with the model MDR-XB450 on-ear headphones that come with the feature of extra bass in vivid colors fulfilling your demand. The headphone provides a great quality of extra bass no matter what kind of music it is. It comes with power-packed 30mm drivers that provide awesome quality crystal clear and rich sound.

It gives the impedance of 24ohm and has a frequency response of 5Hz to 22kHz. It is a bit weighting headphones of 408g. The box comes with headphones 1U, Operating Instruction 1U, and Reference Guide 1U. It is anon ear type of headphone that gives you excellent quality bass and makes your music experience more realistic.


Philips On-Ear headphones in India

PHILIPS SHB3075BK is a 2017 model on-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone. The headphone comes with a plastic body with a satisfying finish. It is actually an ultra-light weighing 132g wireless headphone with premium punchy bass and great sounding.

The headphone comes with 32mm high power speaker drivers that produce good quality sound. The headphone box comes with Headset, User Manual, Charging Cable, and Warranty card. It is anon ear type of headphone which gives you excellent quality bass, has great sound isolation for better listening music experience.


Motorola is number one Top headphone Brand in India

Motorola Pulse 3 Max over-ear wire headphone comes in four different color variants black, blue, purple, and white. The headphone comes with a classic plastic body with a metal finish. It is actually an ultra-light weighing 181g wired headphone with premium sound quality.

The headphone comes with a 40mm high power driver that produces superior Motorola sound. The headphone box comes with Over-Ear Headphones, 3.5mm Cable, Quick Start, and Warranty card. It is an over-ear type of headphone which gives you excellent quality bass, has great noise isolation making your music experience more realistic.


Best Headphone Brands in India

The headphone is now one of the trending accessories and almost everyone nowadays is using it. So, In the Market, There is high competition between several headphones brands to give the customer the best headphones with almost every feature. In Indian, There is some brand with wonderful headphones. Some of the Headphones brands are explained below:


boAt is one of the Indian brands and was founded in 2016 by Gupta especially for designing and production of electronics products. Now, it is regarded as one of the best brands for headphones in the Indian market and the relative price of the product is less than another brand with the Same Quality.

boat headphone’s most of the parts are imported from China and is assembled in India. 


JBL is an American company and was founded in 1946. In the first decade, it was manufacturing loudspeaker and then they started manufacturing headphones with the developing headphones features and is now renowned to give some best headphones in the international market. 

JBL headphones Quality is very good and is also available at an affordable cost for an average Indian family.


It is one of the oldest companies and was founded in 1891 and started the production of Lamps. Later On, They started production and manufacture of several quality electronic products like Trimmer, Headphone, e.t.c. 

It is said that Philips is famous in India because of its high-quality product at a possible minimum price. Philips headphone is regarded as one of the best branded headphones.


Sony is a Japanese multinational company and is renowned as one of the best brands in Mobile, Headphones, Television, and many more electronics Products. I think All most everybody knows about this brand.

All the parts and peripherals of this brand are properly made and Sony has consistently dominated all other headphones because of its high quality and durable headphone. The wireless headphone is the innovation of a Sony company.


Sennheiser is a German-based brand and was established in 1945 and is consistently giving some of the best Sound System devices like Loud Speaker, Mini-Speaker, Headphones, and Earphones. It is famous for its quality at possible least price.


 It provides the best quality sound system devices i.e. headphones at the least price without compromising in product quality. 


Motorola is an American electronics and Telecommunication Company. Some keypad Motorola phones were famous all over the world during the development phase of the cell phone in the world. Motorola headphones are now too regarded as one of the best headphones brands because of its awesome quality. It has provided the best Wired Headphones.

Types of Headphone

1. Over-ears Headphone

Over-ears headphones are those headphones that wrap ears completely and feature awesome noise cancellation because ears are sealed completely by this type of headphones. Because of its More space and features, it is slightly heavy than that of on-ears and in-ear headphones. Due to its weight, it is not portable like the other two types of headphones but nowadays, it is a trend now. So, it can be used while walking and traveling which makes it portable too.

2. On-ears Headphone

On-Ears headphones are those headphones which are slightly small in size than that of Over-ears headphone and bigger than an in-ear headphone. It is unable to go in the ear canal and it is unable to cover the ear completely like over-ears headphone but have high sound quality. It is comfortable than that of over-ears headphone and also it is slightly small in weight that makes easy during traveling. There are some On-ears best headphones in our top 8 best headphones list.

3. In-ears Headphone

 Simply It is called Earphones. It can go in the ears canal and is very low in weight and is portable. Till today, Most of the people in the world prefer In-ears headphones as to best headphones because it is portable and can be carried by an individual anywhere because of its extremely low weight and flexible small wire or Wireless features. Most of the Android Mobile Phones provide in-ears headphones for free to their customer with New Phones.

4. In-line Headphone

They are those similar to i-pad where it is provided with a button to change volume, track, pause, e.t.c. In the present context, most of the wireless headphones are provided with such a control panel so that to change music, pause the music/video, receiving calls, and switching on/off headphones.

5. Wireless Headphone

Over a long period, there were so many wired headphones in the market. Wired headphone didn’t let people do whatever or sit wherever around the room/place because headphones are connected to PC or Mobile Phones through Wire. So, From the starting from this decade, several headphone brands have started production of Wireless Headphones which can be used near a few meters of distance without any disturbance. Particularly, Wireless headphones are of other types of headphones than Over-ears, in-ears, and on-ear headphones. All these 3 Headphones can be found wireless and/or wired.

6. Wired Headphone

Headphones using Wire for the connection between device and headphones are wired headphones and this type is introduced first and later on Wireless Headphones enter the market.  It is famous from last decade. All three On-ears, in-ears and over ears wired headphones can be found in market.

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Headphones in India

Till now, we have already discussed and reviewed about top 8 best headphones in India. Also, we already discussed about types and brands of headphones.

Furthermore, we should also consider some more things while buying headphones if you need specialized headphones. Some of other special factors that Buyer should consider are as:

1. Battery Life of Wireless Headphones

For Wireless Headphones, It is important to have more battery life because User doesn’t like to get disturbed while listening songs or watching movies. So, it is necessary to know about Wireless best headphones battery life before buying it .

2. Warranty Period

It is also necessary to know about the Warranty period of Headphones because only good quality headphones brand will give warranty to their product. If mistakenly headphones get damaged and didn’t perform well, Company will repair it for free.

3. Budget

More Importantly, Your Budget matters most. You can’t buy branded quality headphones if you are low in budget. So, Make sure about your budget before buying best headphones.

4. Looks and Design

Appearance of the headphones is also need to be consider if you loved to travel outside of the office and room because It will reflect good personality of yours if Headphones design look premium.


In a nutshell, To choose the best headphones, we have given review  here with all the details of top 8 headphones and factor of consideration for choosing headphones. If you have any complaint and/or suggestion for us , We would love to hear it from you.